Tips in Selecting Wedding Favors

Wedding favorsIf there is a way to express gratitude to your guests, it is through giving wedding favors. As part of the wedding planning process, wedding favors should be planned ahead. Couples should give important to this part of the planning stage since your guests will surely be expecting something as a souvenir from the wedding.

If you are stressed selecting wedding favors to be given out, you will surely enjoy this post. When selecting gifts for wedding attendees, there are some things that you should observe like the following:

Items are usable after the event

According to most wedding guests, the favor or gift that they consider the best is the one that they can use when the wedding is already over. Giving them items that they cannot utilize will surely make their faces frown (maybe because of disappointment or they receive the same gift every time they attend a party). Some sample of usable items can be one of the following: picture frames, bottle openers, candles, and etc. The above mentioned items can be used at home and easily remind them about the wedding.  

Items that complements with the general theme

If you are holding a traditional themed wedding then you can’t give wedding favors like starfish candles and other out of the box items. Your goal when giving away wedding favors is to stick with your theme no matter what. If you are having summer or beach reception, then that is the time you give away items like starfish items and etc.

Affordable wedding favors

It is understandable that most of your cash or budget went to other services like catering, location, transportation and etc, so you can skimp on this part. Your favors do not need to be too expensive for as long as they are well thought of. In fact, you can give away favors that cost $1 per person.

Edible items as favors

Gauge your guests if they want something for keeps or something to taste or eat. If they are the latter then there is no reason to hold back. You can give away some chocolates, cakes, and other attractive edible favors that will surely satisfy their taste buds. Edible favors can also be personalized if you don’t want generic or ordered items.  

Items with personal touch

If you are going to ask wedding attendees, they like gifts that are personalized by the couple. A personalized item has more appeal because it feels like the act of giving is more sincere and honest rather than giving items that have been bought from malls and other gift shops. Personalized gifts can range from picture frames down to beer koozies. If your wedding reception is held in a vineyard, you can give away bottle and cork openers; you can also give out some branded wine bottles this is also applicable for outdoor reception like the one that is being offered by thebelltoweron34th.com/.

When giving favors, there is no limit. This is the part of the wedding planning wherein you can pour out your creativity.Visit Top10WeddingVendors.com to get more tips about wedding favors.