Dance Gracefully on Your Wedding Day with These Helpful Tips from Houston, TX Dance Instructors

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Wedding Dance Tips

Wedding danceTraditional wedding celebration includes a traditional wedding dance. So many couples nowadays do not like the idea of dancing together to a slow music because to them it is kind of boring and sleepy. For this reason, they looked for alternative wedding dance ideas. Instead of dancing to the beat of a waltz, they dance together to a pop or rock song requested in the radio for weeks. It is not a bad idea especially for those who want to celebrate their wedding in an unconventional manner.

On the other hand, you need to understand that a first wedding dance must be in accordance as well to your chosen theme. It will look inappropriate to dance to a Bruno Mars or Michael Jackson’s hit song when you are observing a strict traditional wedding. Here’s something you need to consider when you are preparing for your wedding dance in Houston, TX.

First pick a song. Don’t confuse this with letting the song pick you. While that first choice of yours is a trend today and you feel that everyone will feel good with it, your first wedding dance song is supposed to be something that reflect your and your partner’s relationship. It is definitely fine to choose a song that’s on radio for weeks now, but don’t fall into the trap because that’s what everyone likes right now. The song that you should both be dancing to must be something that will stand the test of time. Listen to the song’s arrangement too because it might not be good for dancing, only for listening.

Second is to practice dancing. While it is difficult for many couples to have a wedding dance choreography, dance instructors suggest to practice dancing even if you are not planning to have any. Normally, the first wedding dance of the couple is just holding hands and some side steps. Some couples just want to show their guests something different that’s why they enroll for wedding dance lessons. Practicing even without particular choreography can help you become familiar with the beat of the song. At the same time, practicing can help you feel the music while dancing together.

Third is to consider your dress and accessories. Do you want a swing wedding dance? How about a hip hop wedding dance? You were both doing great during practice, but on the day of the wedding, you were both hardly able to move because of your dress, accessories and footwear. This is one of the things that many couples overlook when planning their wedding dance in Houston, TX. The elegant spins and romantic dip you both practiced together can’t be showcased at all because your clothing, shoes and accessories restrain you to do so.

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